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Extra Information Window
Malia Kramer-O'Keefe

Here is some more information about my Gerbils:

Name Colour Gender Birth Date
Luna dark eyed honey (DEH) [+ white spot gene] Female January, 2002
Oz Agouti [+ white spot gene] Female January, 2002

I own 2 female Gerbils. They are both about 8 months old, one is Luna, she is a dark eyed honey (DEH) and the other is a regular agouti and her name is Oz and they both have the white spot gene.

I also own a dog and a cat and I am looking for a nutmeg/black/slate Gerbil and Degus.

I am also interested in learning about rodent shows, I have heard about them but I don't really know much about them so if you have any info, please email me at !]


Submitted: August 26, 2002