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Extra Information Window

Here is some more information about my Jirds:

I have two female jirds, probably both pregnant. My friend, Adam, has a male and a female and I borrow his male so my girls can have a good time :) Adam's female has had one baby that's been eaten at about 5 weeks and another who's been eaten at about 1 day. His girl just had a litter of 3, so I hope they live this time. I think we've finally figured out when to take the babies out of the cage. I think our jirds are Shaw's jirds. I named both of mine Phyllis. I know it's terrible, but I can't tell them apart. Every single marking on them is the same. They must be identical twin jirds!

I asked a few pet stores about buying the baby jirds. A couple have agreed, but the others say they can't sell them because they are exotic animals (in the same category as the sugar glider) and sellers need a special, expensive license.

Submitted: June 2/01