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Sarah Churchman

Here is some more information about my Gerbils:

I currently have a pair of males which have always lived together (one Agouti and one Black) who are approximately 8 months old. These are my "pet" gerbils.

I also have a breeding pair which are Grey Agouti and Argente Cream. They are approximately 3 months old. They had 6 pups on the 1st of August of which 4 are available. (I am keeping 2 to make new breeding pairs.)

My other breeding pair consists of a Grey Agouti female (carrying Argente) and a Grey Agouti male. The female is about 3 months old and the male is about 8 weeks. She is also pregnant and is due around the 20th of August.

If you are interested in some of my pups please email me

I also keep Chinchillas (including a breeding pair), Degus (pet only), Roberovski hamsters (pet only), Chinese hamsters (pet only) and I have a breeding pair of Campbells Russian hamsters.

Submitted: July 26/00
Updated: Aug 9/00