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Pam Stellato

Here is some more information about my Gerbils:

Name Colour Gender
Anakin spotted color point slate Male
Scooter argente golden Male
Sterling spotted polar fox Male
Pinto mottled black Female
Snowflake nutmeg Female
Pearl pied black Female

My Gerbils are my pride and joy. I started off with two same sex pairs and now have one breeding pair.

My male Gerbils are a spotted color point slate (Anakin) and an argente golden (Scooter). Anakin is very sweet and enjoys jumping in my hand for his favorite treat. He also races up my arm for a cruise on my back. Scooter is quite challenging. I'm still working on hand-taming him.

My female Gerbils are a mottled black (Pinto) and a pretty nutmeg (Snowflake). They're both very sweet and enjoy jumping in my hand for treats. They also enjoy crawling up my arm.

Pearl (pied black female) and Sterling (spotted polar fox male) are my babies. They're my first breeding pair. They're quite friendly and sweet and will make great parents.

Visit my website at to find out more about my Gerbils.

Submitted: April 26, 2003