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Cal/The MouseMeister

Here is some more information about my Gerbils:

Started keeping Gerbils in 1997. I've had thirteen Gerbils in that time, and my eldest, the grand old man Recznik died in November, aged three and 1/2.

All my boys and girls are kept in groups, with the exception of two females who used to be together, but share a split cage since Genista had a stroke last year. They still play together, but Moll is just too boisterous for 'a grand old mouse' to handle all of the time.

I've also got three girls in together, without (fingers crossed) any problem, since I inherited them from another owner a year ago.

My trio of young males are known as "the Idiot Squad" because they are the dimmest bunch I've yet encountered, quite a contrast to my youngest pair, who are so darned bright it's scary.

In my short time as a gerbil 'parent', I've seen surgery, infections, strokes, and sight problems. I even have an athletic gerbil with half a tail! I've handled introductions (both sexes), separations, and deaths (Not well, but handled). In short, gerbils run my life, and I love 'em.

The website is devoted to my late lamented Recznik, who's now buried in the garden with his brother, Reardon.

Submitted: Dec 12/00