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Extra Information Window
Sonya Paul

Here is some more information about my Gerbils & Jirds:


I have an almost constant supply of baby Gerbils. Colours include Slates, Pied Slates, Siamese, Burmese [available both in spotted/pied as well] , DEH, Nutmeg, Argente Golden [those three available in spotted/pied also].

Coming soon: I will soon have available, Himalayan, Pearl, Golden Agouti, Black, PEW, Colourpoiny Agouti. Some available as spotted/pied.

To come: I am hopeful that I will soon have Saffrons, Topaz, Saphires and some other fancy colours.

I also have a breeding pair of Bushie-tailed Jirds so babies should be along soon.

I have many pups for sale. All these colours available in spotted or pied.

Colours that will soon be available:

Most of these will be available in spotted or pied.

Submitted: March 13, 2002