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Extra Information Window for
Wolf Sister

Hello all,

Long time gerbil owner/short time breeder here!

Interested in expanding my hobby, talking to other gerbil breeding hobbyists, and selling/perhaps adopting new colors.

I currently have 5 breeding pairs:

Here are my current pairs:
Group Name Colour Gender
1 Scotch DEH Male
Jeri Dove Female
2 Jess Dove Male
Jedi Black Female
3 Josh Black Male
Jordan rfox Female
4 Sandy Dove Female
Danny Dove Male
5 Egyptian Siamese Female
Piccasso Lilac Pied Male

Future pairs (Some are still unsexed pups)

Pups avail now now and in late Aug include:

  • dove and spotted agouti, possible arg. creme

Please email me me at for further info and questions, esp. if you live near by!


Submitted: July 7/00
Updated: July 24/00